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The Synopsis

Throughout the centuries, it was a shrouded secret entrusted to a precious few. But now the guardians of what has become known as the hidden gospel are mysteriously dying — their bodies scarred with the stigmata.

A series of French articles — supposedly based on the writings of Jesus’ brother James — has revealed that the descendants of Christ exist this very day.

Now, one man has taken the name of the archangel Gabriel and has embarked on a quest to protect Christianity’s innocence by eliminating all who could expose the secrets of the gospel — and its connection to the Holy Grail . . .

Excerpt from UNHOLY GRAIL:

“FORGIVE ME, FATHER, for I have sinned.” The muffled voice came from the darkest corner of the confessional in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Father Edward Byrne poked a finger under the cuff of his jacket, lifted it, and checked his watch. Two more minutes till the end of confession.

“It has been seven days since my last confession.” The man cleared his throat, paused, and continued in a loud whisper, “I am about to commit a mortal sin.”

Byrne stiffened. He knew it was bound to happen. A despondent soul contemplating suicide coming to confession seeking a spark of hope. He tried to swallow but couldn’t. His dry tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.

“Mortal sin robs the soul of . . . of sanctifying grace,” Byrne’s voice cracked. He struggled searching for his next words. He closed his eyes, straining to focus his thoughts. “Nothing . . . nothing on God’s earth can justify taking your own life. I know life must seem hopeless to you now —”

“Father, please, you don’t understand. Not my life. I must kill. Kill to save the very sanctity of the Church.

Byrne leaned toward the confessional screen. He tried to make out the shadowy figure in the dark recess of the confessional. All he could see was a dim white square standing out against the center of a black collar.